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The missionaries are the friends of the Filipinos. The missionaries help the Filipinos against the Spaniards. They have given the full support to the Filipinos . The missionaries have lots of contribution . The many missionaries who came in the Philippines the Franciscans, Augustinians , Jesuits and Dominicans. They are the founder of towns , agriculturist, engineers of infrastructure projects , industrialists , architects , social workers, educators , scientists , obras pias , writers , printers , librarian and curators , musicians and artists. They have fourteen contributions.

The first contribution of pain missionaries is that they were the founders of towns. The missionaries found lots of towns in the Philippines and they are still existing right now. During the Spanish era the most beautiful buildings are the churches. Because the church is the house of God and these is the place were that people can worship God.

The second contributions is that the missionaries are engineers of infrastructure projects . The missionaries created different roads , buildings forts and bridges . They build the places where the center of trade is there.

The third contribution is the agriculturist. The Spanish missionaries teach us more in agriculture. They include different foods like achuette , cincamas , squash , peanuts tomatoes and lima. They also do introduced as different foods like beef sausage ham and olive oil.They also get canned goods chorizo de bilbao, olive oil and pickles. They also brought different types of animals like cattle , carabaos , horses and etc.

The fourth contribution of missionaries is the industrialists. They teach us in new industries. The Spaniards missionaries teach us in fishing , farming , mining and metal – working. These method can be applied till now. They trade different materials like coconut and tobacco plants.

The fifth contribution of missionaries is the architects . The Spanish missionaries created beautiful churches like Byzantine , Baroque , Ionian , Doric , Corinthians , Graeco – Romano and Gothic. During the Spanish era the missionaries creates lots of stone churches. These churches are still existing like Barasoain Church, found in Bulacan, San Augustin Church in Manila , Vigan church in Ilocos Sur. These are the tourist spot of the Philippines.

The sixth contribution of the missionaries is the social workers. The missionaries treat the sick person. During the Spanish era the missionaries found lots of hospitals. The first hospital found by Franciscans on 1578 the Hospitalito de Anne and later on it become Hospital of San Juan de Dios then it become San Lazaro Hospital . The first hospital in the Philippines came 173 years ahead of the first hospital in the US. The missionaries built also an asylums and orphanage in the Manila is the San Vicente de Paul . It was founded by the Sisters of the Charity. This is still existing.

The seventh missions or contribution of missionaries is the educators. They are the teachers of the Filipinos . The missionaries built a schools. They teach the Filipino how to write , read , history, languages , and how to solve. The first school for the boys was the Colegio Maximo de San Ignacio and it was established in 1589. Then the next school was the Colegio de San Idelfonso in Cebu and it was known for University if Santo Carlos . The other schools for boy was the Escuela Pia. The Ateneo Municipal de Manila was known for Ateneo de Manila. The first school for women was the Colegio de Santa Potencia in 1591. And then the next school for women was the Colgio de Santa Isabel and this was the oldest school for girls.The other school for girls was the Beaterio de la Compana de Jesus in1684. For this day it was named St. Mary’s College. The school that prepares the women teachers for elementary schools of teaching in the Escuela Normal Superior de Maestras. The principalia and ilustrados have the opportunities to have education. But the indyo can not acquire education.

The scientists was the other contribution of missionaries . They conducted lots of studies in the field of chemistry , physics , botany, zoology , herbal medicine , cartography and meteorology. The missionaries also teach and trained the Filipinos to be a doctors , chemist , pharmacists and scientists. The oldest existing weather stations in Asia was the Observatory of Manila. It was founded by a Jesuits priests in 1865. The first director was Fr. Frederico Faura. Faura invented the barometer, and Fr. Jose Algue invented the barocyclometer. For this time , they invented a street named Padre Faura Street.

The ninth contribution of missionaries was the obras pias. The obras pias was like a bank during Spanish time. The obras pias were funds donated by the elite people who need money will loaned to the obras pias. The interest will be given to the charity.

The tenth contribution is being writers. The Spanish missionaries are the linguist and polyglot. The linguist are the missionaries that study the language but they cann’t speak it. The polyglot are the missionaries that didn’t study the language but they can speak it. The missionaries studied our different dialect. They wrote different types of books like novels , biographies , epic philosophy and etc.

The eleventh contribution of the missionaries are the printers. The first printing press in the Philippines was introduced by Dominicans friars in 1593. The first Filipino printes was Tomas Pinpin . Fr Francisco Blancas de San Jose was the trainer of Pinpin. HE was the “Prince of Filipino Printers”. The first Tagalog book was the Doctrina Christiana En lengua Espanol y Tagala in 1593.

The twelveth contribution of missionaries was the librarians and curators .The curators are also known as museum. The oldest museum that still existing was found in the University of Santo Thomas. All libraries were supervised by the Spaniards. Until now we have curators and libraries that we can saw lots of history about our country.

The thirteenth contribution of missionaries was the musicians. They teach the Filipino how to play musical instrument like guitar, piano , violin and other musical instrument. The most famous musician was Fr. Dieggo Cerra. He is a Recollect friar. He built the famous Bamboo Organ in Las Pinas in 1824.Until this day it was still existing and it is still a tourist spots.

And the last contribution of missionaries was the artist . They introduced as to play on the stage. The Spaniards teach us in different type of dances , architect and music. The Spaniards influence as the theater play like moro – moro, zarzuela and the cenaculo. In dances the jota , pandanggo polka lanceros and cari.

These are the contributions of the Spanish missionaries. This contribution has been part of our life and it can be also applied in many ways. The Spanish culture take the most common culture of the Filipinos.


  1. Fuck you and your faulty grammar. Should I thank you for giving "V.I.P." another meaning? V.I.P. as in very idiot person. That's what you are. Lol

  2. Fuck you and your faulty grammar. Should I thank you for giving "V.I.P." another meaning? V.I.P. as in very idiot person. That's what you are. Lol

  3. Fuck you and your faulty grammar. Should I thank you for giving "V.I.P." another meaning? V.I.P. as in very idiot person. That's what you are. Lol